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City council elections 2018

On March 21st, 2018 the City Council elections will be held in the Netherlands. For local elections you do not need to have Dutch citizenship to be able to vote.

D66 is an internationally minded liberal-democratic party. We believe in the power of the individual and people’s ability to develop as a person. This belief is why we feel optimistic about the future. More information about D66 (in English) can be found here:

Who can vote?

Anyone over the age of 18 who is an EU citizen or has lived in the Netherlands for five or more years is eligible to vote in the local elections on the 21st March, 2018.

Your vote matters

The City Council is responsible for many aspects of public life. For example, the municipality finances the (international) school buildings and plans and maintains all public spaces such as parks and roads. Local governments also subsidise sports and culture, provide affordable housing, and are responsible for many aspects of youth services and healthcare.

Vote D66!

We want a government that supports local economic development by facilitating both new and existing businesses. We want a green and sustainable city: we are focussed on promoting energy use reduction, renewable energy, cycling, and public transport. We want good, internationally oriented education at all levels. Arnhem should be the ideal city for students to study and live.

“We have to prevent a new generation from growing up in a divided city. D66 wants equal opportunities for all. We want an optimistic city of freedom, solidarity, and confidence. As befits Arnhem, and befits D66.”
– Sabine Andeweg, local party leader D66 Arnhem

Our manifesto

The official D66 manifesto for the 2018 Local Elections in Arnhem, as agreed by party members on December 20th, 2017, is written in Dutch. Below you will find a brief summary of our central commitments in English. If you want to know more about our position on specific topics, then please feel free to contact us. You can find our campaign shop at Jansplaats 12, in the city centre, or, you can contact


Part 1: Opportunities for all

D66 is committed to ensuring that opportunities exist for all the people of Arnhem. Not by providing complex, highly regulated solutions once problems emerge but by giving people the opportunity to develop themselves and by offering tailored solutions as a city.

We believe in the power of the individual. However, we also understand that sometimes some extra support is needed. At these times your local government should be to support  you.

Everyone deserves equal opportunities.

Some people need extra assistance and support to fully fulfill their potential in society. D66 aims for a diverse city in which everyone can participate and where no one is left behind.

Good education for all of the people of Arnhem.

A good education gives people the chance to fully develop themselves. We want to ensure this through the implementation of our ambitious education agenda.

Ensuring  an ever-fitter Arnhem.

D66 wants the municipality to encourage its residents to live a healthy and active life. Our focus is on the prevention and early identification of potential health issues. When help is needed, tailored, individual solutions must be provided where possible.

A safe and free society.

For D66 personal freedom is of the greatest importance. We favour a liberal drugs policy and fight for equal rights for LGBTI-minorities. Safety and security are necessary to be able to live in a free society. Where possible this should be achieved through prevention, but when necessary, though enforcement.


Part 2: A vibrant and enterprising city

D66 wants Arnhem to be as attractive a city as possible. For existing and new residents, for entrepreneurs, and for visitors. By providing space for entrepreneurship we can help more people find and stay in employment . A strong cultural sector supports cohesion and personal development and puts our city on the map (inter)nationally. Furthermore, we need to capitalise much better on the opportunities that tourism offers Arnhem.

In the next few years, D66 wants to further develop the business environment in Arnhem. Arnhem must be a entrepreneur-friendly city. We must ensure a vibrant urban environment, a flourishing culture, recreation, and nature for our residents.

Arnhem works.

D66 supports innovative entrepreneurship. The creative sector and developments towards a circular economy are of vital importance for the city. We are focussed on a sustainably vibrant city centre and good regional and international cooperation.

We are and remain the East’s Capital of Culture.

Arts and culture inspire, stimulate innovation, and strengthen our society. In the past few years vast investments in culture have been made. D66 wants this to continue. All of Arnhem’s residents should be able to enjoy a diverse cultural offering and the chance to participate in the arts.

Tourist Arnhem put on the map.

Thanks to its location, eventful history, and great tourist attractions, Arnhem has amazing potential. By ensuring a better provision of information to our visitors and connecting what the city has to offer we hope to fulfil this potential.


Part 3: Sustainable living

D66 has an ambitious agenda for a sustainable Arnhem. The city of the future is a compact city in which we travel without producing emissions and generate as much of our own energy as possible.

Environmental and climate challenges may be vast and global in nature but D66 also sees realistic, local solutions. We are working towards  a city in which the quality of life is good for all inhabitants, now and in the future.

Reduced energy use and renewable energy.

D66 wants Arnhem to be an energy neutral city by 2035. To reach this goal, we must pursue maximum energy conservation. We must provide more opportunities to generate renewable energy: wind turbines, solar farms, and utilise new and innovative technologies such as geothermal energy.

A sustainably accessible city.

Good accessibility is essential for Arnhem but the air quality needs to be improved. More people need to swap cars for bikes. In the allocation of urban space, we prioritise pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport.

A suitable home for everyone.

The city of Arnhem continues to grow and expand. To ensure a suitable home for all we must develop a range of sustainable and affordable homes for renters and buyers alike.

Arnhem should be even greener.

We cherish the green spaces in our city and we will always prefer to opt for accommodating  growth by building up rather than building on these areas. We are committed to a climate resilient city: we aim to reduce urban heat islands and add green spaces where possible in order to absorb excess rainwater.

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